First Day of Montessori School

It has taken us 6 months to feel comfortable with Paisley going back to a school after the whole episode with the preschool that we won't name. 
It was a horrible experience for us and really left me fearful of other schools.

After a great deal of research and talking to others and due to a change in the family,
we have enrolled Paisley in the Montessori School. 

Day 1 was yesterday, so I don't want to jinx ourselves, but she did great!  She loved it!

I have to say this school is very loving and the ladies treat Paisley like family.

She is learning, making new friends and their hours are perfect for our working hours.

She was so pooped out from all of the things she was able to do yesterday,
that she fell asleep on the way home.

She was so excited to go back today and when we dropped her off...the ladies welcomed her with open arms and were so loving.  Yeah Montessori!

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