May Birthdays

May and June are busy for us. We have 3 family birthdays each month. We start out with George turning 33. We made him shish kabobs for dinner and mom and the girls made him a german chocolate cake.

Then my older sister Christine's 34th birthday in which we had lasagna and a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting-it was very good mom!

Then Kyanne turned the big 13. For her birthday present I told her that I would take two friends and herself to dinner anywhere they wanted and then to a movie of their choice on Friday.
We ended up going to Red Robin and then to see the new movie out called UP. They had a blast and the movie was really funny. My sister Christine (Kyanne's mom) and I enjoyed ourselves too. I am not ready for teenage girls yet though. They wear you out.

Then after church Sunday (Kyanne's actual birthday) we got together to have pulled pork sandwiches and ice cream cake.

So, as you can see we are full of cake and ready for the next 3 birthdays in June!!!

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