House Selling Update

Well, I was told that the market would pick up in the Summer and it sure has. We had 3 walk throughs last week and 2 every week for the last few weeks. That is really great! No offers yet, but keep your fingers crossed.

We really need more space, however...not sure that we want a bigger house payment. We bought our current house about 6 years ago when the market was really down and we only pay $700.00. You can't even rent for that.

I guess it is the price you have to pay. Anyways, I just wanted to add that there is one other nice perk to house selling. My house is continually clean...just in case we have a looker and get that call from Nerell that they want to see it in an hour...sometimes 15 minutes!!!! Yikes. Those are the scary ones.

Anyho...thanks Nerell for all you do for us. You are a great agent and friend!

For the rest of you...if you know anyone that is looking...send them our way. We are still asking $210,000.00. You can't beat the interest rates. They hit 4.375% last week!


  1. Your house is so cute. I know it will sell to that very special person. Thank you for your kind words

  2. I am pretty sure I just vomited...did you seriously say 700.00. Yep vomit. That is incredible! I hope you guys are able to sell this summer and get your new house! I'll cross my fingers!