Picture Catch Up...

We have had a busy week and it began on Friday...here is the table I decorated for our church ward party last Friday. My theme was Mele Kalikimaka. Many thanks goes out to those of you that gave me great ideas. I ended up going to Party City and getting these fun decorations. I had a blast doing it. Thanks for asking Alexis!

I took a picture of a friends table. It was gorgeous. Great job JD-her theme was Silver Bells.

The same night we were unable to attend the ward party because Jeneva was having her 8th birthday party at our house. We stuck around to help out. Tons of loud screaming 8 year old girls. Wow is all I have to say. Not sure that I am ready for that yet.

Jenevas theme was hair and make up. So my sister and Kyanne did all of the girls up with make up and hair. They looked great.

I worked on Christmas presents...here is my wood board set up.

George and I participate each year in the Tree of Hope program. It is a program where you buy gifts for children in need. We did a bike and some Transformers toys this year.

I can't believe she can sleep this way.

George's dad sent Paisley her Christmas gifts. Some really cute t-shirts and chocolate of course. She will have to share those with mommy and daddy.

Paisley's hair is long enought to be put in a pony tail and bun. Hurray!!! Love it!!!

She is so cute and the BIG TWO on Saturday!!!!

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