When it rains....it pours...More Prayers Needed

Ok, so I told you about my sister Christine having a gall bladder issue the day of the funeral. Well, it has progressed and she went under the knife yesterday to remove it. We must be over achievers in our family because it can't be a normal procedure that has been done hundreds of times it has to be complicated.

She could not have it removed laparoscopically because of a past car accident, so they did it the old fashion way...however it was the worst gall bladder the surgeon has ever seen and he is suppose to be one of the best. Can anyone say over achiever!!! So after many hours of surgery and a lot of worries...she was out, but they are not sure they got everything. Say what???? Not what you want to hear.

So she is resting over night and today we will know what is the next step...if they did not get it all she will be flown out to Everett or Seattle to have it done via a tube down her throat while she is awake...if they did get it all then she is on the mend...Wow...I know....long post.

Anyways, please keep her in your prayers. She is going to need it and we would appreciate it!!!

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  1. Oh Sandra I am so sorry. I hope she will be OK Is there anything we can do?