Holiday Tradition-Disney On Ice

One of the Ewings family traditions is to go to Disney on Ice to begin our holiday season. They come to the Everett Event Center and to Key Arena in November. On Saturday we went to the Everett one...much easier to get too and much nicer. We went to see Cars, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Tinkerbell. We had a blast!!!

We started our day by going to lunch and then headed to Disney on Ice.

Once we were there I told the girls they could get whatever they wanted. We go all out for this event. It really does begin our holiday season.

Here is Paisley with her Tinkerbell hat on.

Jeneva chose a snow cone....

Here is Kyanne and Jeneva.

Here is my cousin Jennifer with the Tinkerbell hat on.

Here is Lynnsey with a Tinkerbell hat on.

Paisley had so much fun. She was mesmorized by all the lights and colors.

Here is Paisley and me.

We saw Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Goofy.

Here is the Cars part....

Here is the Little Mermaid part...

Here is the Lion King part....

Intermission time. The man in the plaid is my brother Michael.

Jeneva again....finishing off her snow cone.

And Tinkerbell...

The show ended by bringing out Minnie and Mickey again.

Loads of fun...if you have never been to is a must. Bring on the holidays!!!

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  1. The Disney on Ice looks like fun. My Mom went last year with my cousin and her kids. I can't wait till my Paisley gets old enough to go. Good to hear about your sister. I had my gall bladder out in February..the attacks are no fun and the surgery is even less fun! Rest is good, and She is lucky to have to you all here! Have a nice week!