What a week....Halloween & More

Where to begin...

I don't have a lot of pictures this week because quite frankly I was not in the mood and things were hectic. It began with the passing of Grandpa Shimel, then the week went South after that.

We had family coming in from South Dakota and Utah...there are a lot of us.

Then we had the funeral Friday afternoon which went really well except...my older sister Christine and her family missed most of the funeral. I was sitting in the pew thinking the worse of my sister...she is always a late person...low and behold she was in the emergency room with a gall bladder attack!!!! I had to repent for that one.

We took care of the girls all week so that mom could focus on Grandma and Christine. They did not release Christine until Sunday morning...she convinced them to not take out her gall bladder until after the 1st of the year when she has annual leave...go figure...they agreed.

So, Friday we went to the trunk or treat at the church....kind of disappointed not more people came and that many did not participate in the trunk or treat. Maybe times are changing...anyways we invited my cousin Jennifer and her family. Here is Paisley as an Ewok and here is Lynnsey as a pirate. There were a lot of great outfits. We had a nice time.

So, for Halloween we had Kona and his girlfriend Melissa over for a prime rib dinner followed by pumpkin pie and then a nite out trick or treating. We had a blast. This was Paisley's first year and she did so good!!!! Everyone thought Jeneva and Paisley were so cute that they were giving them handfuls of candy...go figure. Here is a picture of Jeneva as a girl ninja, Paisley as an Ewok and George as a psyco killer...

After all these festivities we were all pooped out, but onward upward...we went to church the next day and Paisley is so off her schedule...this picture shows it. Doesn't she looked wiped out.

Wow, just thinking back makes my head hurt. Of course more details went into all these events, but that can be left to the imagination. Many thanks to all those that helped us out and for all the warm wishes of sympathy. We are very blessed!

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