George's 35th Birthday Weekend

In our family birthdays are a big deal. 
We love to celebrate one another.
So to celebrate George's birthday we went to his favorite place.
The family cabin!!!

Paisley jumped on the swing first thing. 
I am surprised she still fits.

She is helping daddy load the boat.

We went to the toy store and she picked out finger paints.

Daddy's first catch of the weekend.

The view from the deck.

Papa Nick and Paisley relaxing on the deck.

George's birthday present to himself.  A 14lb lincott.
Ugly bugger.  The fish...not George. :)

Sunday night we had George's birthday party.

He requested pie!
We also gave him tons of moola for Home Depot
so he can finally do his outdoor BBQ retreat.

Below Paisley's new thing is to play the piano while we sing. 
Check her out.

We had a great weekend and George had a great birthday.

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  1. Happy Birthday George. Glad you guys had a great weekend!