Forgotten Passport = 4:30 a.m. Drive to Clinton

My mom left for Spain this morning to take care of my younger sister while she is on bedrest and then to help her through her recovery when she has her baby boy next week via C-section.

My older sister took her to the airport. They made it to Everett and then mom realized she forgot her passport. Say what!!!!

I was called to get it and meet them in Clinton at the ferry to keep mom on track to get to her flight at 7:40 a.m. So I put on some shoes and raced to moms home to get her passport then proceeded to Clinton...this all at 4:30 in the morning.

I made it down there right as they were pulling off of the ferry and just in time for them to turn right back around and get back on the ferry. Smooth move Christine!!! I am glad you are a quick thinker.

I then headed home to get ready for work to be there by my starting time of 7 a.m. George had the girls up and ready and heading out the door as I pulled up. I showered and dressed and put on the final touches and made it to work with 10 minutes to spare. I would be lying if I said I did not I won't.

Anyways, mom and Christine made it there with an hour to get through ticketing, security, customs, what not.

As far as I know mom is on the plane and headed to sunny Spain.

I hope her flight is better than last time.

Love ya mom!!! You keep life interesting!!!

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