Opening Day Weekend

What a great weekend that began on Wednesday. I had my hair done. I have been needing a cut badly. I went a little shorter than normal. Taking off 2 inches.

Thursday I had a pedicure!!! Love it. The gal even said I had "cute" toes. Needless to say she got a HUGE tip for that one. My goal is to get a pedicure once a month until Winter.

Friday we headed off to Belfair to see George's mom and Papa Nick for Opening Day Weekend of fishing. We look forward to this all year.

Papa Nick bought a popcorn machine for Paisley. She is patiently waiting for it to pop.

Here is George, Kona and Melissa out fishing. Check out the couple with the umbrella on the floating device. The fish were really biting this year. All of them caught trout!!!!

Claudette and Nicks house on Lake Benson.

Here is Melissa fishing.
Here is George with some of the fish.

Here is our little fisherwoman. She has her own pole and everything.

She decided she wanted to go for a boat ride with daddy.

It did not last long...

Paisley spent a lot of time in the corner.

We celebrated Uncle Kona's birthday.

Sorry, these are not in order-
On Friday we went shopping on our way down to grandma and Papa Nick's house. We stopped at Barnes and Nobles to get a new book and found this Paisley horse for Paisley. Love it!!!
We also went to Claim Jumpers for lunch and a few other stores to boot.

Went to Target and found shorts for Paisley for $2.00 each and I found a black skirt for me.

Here is Paisley fishing again.

She had a lot of fun.

She helped make bear claws for Sunday breakfast with me and Melissa.

And then we headed home. Big day tomorrow...Diana is having her baby. Good Luck Little Sis...Glad mom is in Spain to help you out!!!


  1. As always, your Paisley is the cutest! And I LOVE that horse too!!! We are having an enrichment this month and are making craft things being a pillow case (easy I know)but I am on the look out for cute green and pink Paisley print fabric. Its just so cute, how can you not like it!

  2. OK so stinking funny! I could not stop laughing when I saw the picture of Paisley in the corner! And I took Halle to get a pedicure for her (late) birthday gift the other day and we made the same goal...pedicures all summer I say!