Temple and More...

This weekend we took the opportunity to go to Canada to go to an Open House of a new LDS temple that will be dedicated on May 2nd. George, Paisley and I packed into the Tahoe and left bright and early. It was a nice trip....we took the Lynden crossing which was awesome...no wait at all. Here is our lovely Paisley making a face for the camera.

Here is the beautiful temple.

On the way back we stopped at Trader Joes in Bellingham to stock up on chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels. Yum!!!!

I have to show this...I purchased two of these from Costco this last week. They are for wet items. I put one in the Tahoe and one in Paisley's diaper bag gear. It will be great for wet swim suits, wet diapers, wet nappies...whatever. It is 11x17 and lined. Great idea.

Here is our little fairy.
She doesn't have a pocket in this chic outfit, so she made one.

We made it back in time so that I could attend a gardening class put on by Linda and Eric. I really dislike gardening, but I wanted to support Linda. They did a fabulous job. I now have a tomato and cucumber plant to add to George's other plants.

Paisley helped me water my new crops in her chic outfit.

Sunday after church it was so nice outside. I put a tank top and shorts on Paisley and she played all night long. We had to drag her dirty butt in. She is looking pretty worn out here. She didn't even make it to 8 p.m. she was so worn out.

So was daddy.

We had Melissa, Kona, Jeneva and Kyanne for a rib dinner Sunday night. It was a lot of fun and very good. We even dined outside!!! After dinner the girls played with their 3D chalk set. Pretty cool stuff...it really does work.

That is about all for us. Nice weekend for the Place Family.

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  1. Thanks for coming to the class. You had such a busy weekend.