Happy Father's Day George!!!

What a Father's Day!!!

It began by Paisley and I making a new recipe for Sunday breakfast for George. It is called Egg and Bacon Pie. Very easy and it was quite tasty.

After breakfast I made this friendship bread that was given to me...thanks a lot Tim. I am glad to have it off my counter.

I made George his very own Hawaiian Dream Cake that he does not have to share if he does not want too.

George and Paisley took a nap together after church.

Just found this picture...it has nothing to do with Father's Day...I just added it in because she is so darn cute!!!

One of George's Father's Day gifts was a grilling pan from William and Sonoma. He loved it!!! For Father's Day dinner we did BBQ even though it was raining...instead of the usual steak...we did nachos on the new grill tray!!! It was yummy!

Here is the final product. Recipe from William and Sonoma too.

Paisley decided she had to dish out the sour cream to each of us.

Happy Father's Day to you all!

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