Busy Busy Week

My new favorite place is the Berry Barn on the way to Burlington.  There are so many neat things in there.  I picked up this sign for my office.  I also bought another for a friends birthday.

As you can see we picked up popcorn too.  Paisley and Jeneva loved it.

George and Paisley have been bike riding every day while I am at the gym.

George's composter came in and it is ready to go.

Friday we had a Beehive going away/pity party at Jennifer's because the older girls were at Youth Conference. 
They made pizza, watched a movie and enjoyed lots of giggles.  I enjoyed talking with the other leaders, but stayed up way too late.  I had site security at 4 a.m. to do the next day. 

I had two 5 hours OT shifts at the bone site on Pioneer Way. 
It was great.  I just watched movies and enjoyed some alone time.

We had cousins over...here is David in the sand box.

Lynnsey and Paisley playing on the playset all day.

George planted some more items in our garden boxes.

Paisley did the hula for me.

The yard was clean and then the disaster 3 blew through...

Abbey sun bathing.

George's little helper.  He absolutely loved George. He followed him around all day.

I taught the Beehivs on Sunday and made these fun hand outs. 
I drove all the way to Burlington to get these SEES lollipops and they loved them!

Paisley also did her first talk in Primary and George came to watch her.  She did really well, but is definitely going to be the class clown.  She fed off of all the giggles when she spoke too loud in the microphone.

She was so happy and so excited all week to give her talk and she did it!

This is one of my favorite things.  I take Paisley to my sister's in the morning and George picks her up while I go to the gym.  Some mornings we head out a little early and pick up Starbucks hot chocolates.  She loves it and I love spending girl time with her.  She is growing up so fast!

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