39 Things Every Mom Should Know

I was reading this article in my Parents magazine called 39 Things Every Mom Should Know. There were some that I agreed with and some I did not.

Here were the ones I did-

1. Put band aids on everthing your kids want you to. Why not?
2. Just throw away the poopy underwear-my favorite...I totally agree.
3. Don't beat yourself up in you have to use a bribe.
4. The stains won't come out. And that is ok. The sooner you accept this, the better.
5. Never stifle a generous inclination.
6. Teach them to pump on the swings ASAP.
7. Get use to the word zerrissenheit. It means state of disjointedness, and it's the new normal for most of us. As least you can feel fancy because it is German.
8. Just say "No" to any toy or doll that comes with packets that have to be mixed with water.
9. Dress your little girls like, well, like little girls.
10. You're never to old to dress up and decorate your house for Halloween. And it's more fun for everyone if you are into it. It also entitles you to more candy.
11. Don't buy the most expensive school picture package. It's a waste of money.
12. Independence is a wonderful thing. For everyone. So is together time. Make sure you have a healthy does of both.

The ones I did not agree with-

1. Don't make birthday parties a huge deal.

I say why not...it is fun to go all out for birthdays as well as special occasions.

2. Buy cheap shoes when kids are little. Feet grow faster than you think.

I love buying shoes for Paisley. They are all cute and well worth the money. Paisley has at least 15 pairs of Pedipeds and they were a great investment for healthy feet to grow into properly. Even if they did only last 6 months.

3. Always get boys' haircuts at barber shops instead of hair salons.

Who cares where it is, it just matters that you and the child are happy about it.

Good article for light reading. Check it out. You can borrow my copy if you want.


  1. I agree about the birthday party and the shoes. i always bought my baby Robeez when they where learning to walk.

  2. I always buy character bandaids for Joshua and let him stick them anywhere he wants to. They usually come off after five minutes, but he's happy, I'm happy. His mother has yet to learn this trick!