Opinions Wanted

We had an appraisal done on the house a couple of weeks ago and it told us good news. We are selling the house for the right price.

We have been updating things here and there since we put the house on the market, but the biggy is here and I need some input. We are going to paint the outside of the house this month.

So, I need your input on what colors do you like to see on the outside of houses.

The colors it can't be are blue, grey or yellowish. The houses around us are that color and I don't want to match them. I am leaning towards a light green or a tan color.

Please tell me what you think. The trim is going to stay white and the shutters will be a shade or two darker than the house color.

Currently our house is greyish color with blue shutters and white trim. I want to change it up to a different color. In addition, it hasn't been painted for years!!!

We will be using Sherwin Williams paint, so look on their site for color names if you want. I am leaning towards Coastal green, but I would love your input.

Lastly, what is your opinion about painting the garage door the same color as the trim or the same color as the house????



  1. Sandra,

    I have been meaning to call you in regards to your last email. Sorry got home from camp and has not stopped since then. I love light green on houses. We are going to be painting our house a sage green in the near future. My opionion would be to keep the garage door white along with the trim. My only other thought would be the back yard which you said you are doing and cleaning the garage a little.

    Love your Realtor friend

  2. Go green! I never like tan houses. Keep the garage door white to match the trim. But that is only my opinion. Good luck!

  3. I am a big believer in neutrals because they are less offensive to people, but leave the door white. If you paint it the color of the house, it looks dingy. I did this once and hated it because the house paint was not made to go on a door, you need enamel paint on a door.