Orcas and More...

We went to the cabin Thursday-Sunday to celebrate George's moms 60th birthday-Claudette you don't look a day over 21!!!!

We had a great time and even saw a pod of Orca whales off of the dock too.

This is Roche Harbor at its finest. George and I took Paisley there one morning to walk around and see all the multi million dollar yachts. It is alwasy so amazing.

You can't see it, but this boat below was called Kids Tuition. Too funny!

George and I picked out our dream boat. Here it is below.

We took Paisley to the beach for some down time.

Dad taught her how to skip rocks.
Some cuddle time.

George and I took a moped ride to Roche Harbor while Paisley stayed behind. It was a lot of fun. Here we are in our cool moped gear.

We gave George's mom this cool music card that played the Star Wars theme and said a long long time ago...you were born. She loved it!!! We also got her tickets to a broadway musical and dinner in Seattle.

Paisley had a ride on the mopeds too.

Papa Nick taught Paisley how to put things in her pocket. We are still finding them...thanks Papa Nick.

Here is Uncle Kona pushing Paisley on the swing. She absolutley loves to swing. This kept her entertained for hours. Thanks Doug and Mary for giving us the swing.

And of course...what you all have been waiting for...we saw a pod of Orca Whales off the dock. It was awesome!!!!! I ran for the camera and took this video. There were at least 14 of them and they were no more than 40-50 feet away from the dock. It was sooooo cool!!!!!

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