Air Popped Popcorn

There is no better popcorn than freshly air popped popcorn. That is the only way we make it. Our air popper is old, but it works great. Paisley has a new found love for popcorn. We were watching a very good movie Friday night and needed some popcorn to make it even better. So, Paisley decided to help out in the kitchen. She is a great helper!


  1. just a warning, we used to have a popper like that and one day the kids were watching it pop, when a stray kernel flew out and landed on luke, going down his shirt and giving him a painfull 3rd degree burn. we have since switched to an inclosed air-popper.

  2. She reminds me of Anthony when he was about her age. He looked the same way. Standing on a chair, watching the popcorn. We have an air popper too and he loves it.