Saturday Morning Excitement

Saturday morning George was headed down to the grocery store about 6 a.m. to grab a couple things for breakfast. He went out to jump in the truck and this is what he found.

I called the Police to get a report filed so I could get it fixed and paid for by our insurance company. I then proceeded to put on some warmer clothes on in order to greet the officer out in the pouring rain-there was no time to worry about my hair. Officer Hoagland pulled up and said good morning Sandra as he got out of his patrol car-I in turn said good morning Jim.

Officer Hoagland opened the truck and found a rock no bigger than the size of a quarter on my floor board across the cab. He thinks that was the culprit. I asked him if there were others that night and he said no others.

There is good news to this story. First, it is nice to work for the City and know all of the officers. It makes it easier to talk to them and Hoagland is one of my favorites. Second, the BMW and my mother-in-law's brand new Toyota Prius were not harmed. Third and finally, we are fully covered with no deductible on the truck, so we are good to go.

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