Four Day Weekend!

I took Friday off to have a four day weekend.  It was grand.  Paisley and I headed to Burlington for a little shopping.  The trip was made easier with these new dvd players in the Tahoe.  Paisley loved them.  We have one on each chair.

I picked up my two new pairs of glasses.

Friday night we went to the Bebee's house for a bon fire, pizza dinner and to play some Farkel.  We had a blast.

Saturday I went to the gym, worked long hours on my term paper and then went to dinner at Kindle's house in honor of a dear friends retirement from the County.  It was such a great party.

Sunday we went to church and rested.

Monday George worked the holiday shift, so Paisley and I did some early Spring cleaning.  We went through tubs of clothing and went to town cleaning.

I did not work on my crochet...go figure.

Here is silly Paisley pretending to be a baby.

I bought this headband from Etsy.  It is really cute.  My goal is to crochet one myself by the end of the year.

This is for you Papa Nick.  She is playing with her kitty.

Check out those sun rays.


Still sucking on her ring pop.
We had friends over for a play date.  They were even able to go outside since it wasn't freezing.

George came home and rested.

Then he made a new recipe for dinner.  Cashew chicken over rice with veggies.  It was really good.

That was our four day weekend.

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