Spring has Sprung

I have to start out by saying I don't have a green thumb and I do not like to garden. Never did. George on the other hand has a green thumb and loves to garden. I took a few pictures below of some things that are growing around our house.

Yes, I bought a topsy turvy because I thougt it was a cool idea. We'll see how the tomatoes do. I bought my mom one too. My nieces and my mom love to grow tomatoes together, so now they can add this to the other ones they have already begun.

George is growing a lot of new things this year. Snap peas, artichokes, herbs, etc. Here is the first of his gardens.

I have a few tulips growing, but I really would like more. Maybe next year.

In our back yard we have a huge cherry tree that produces tons of fabulous and tasty cherries. It is in blossom right now. We also have apple trees and lavender in our back yard too.
I am glad Spring is here, everything looks so much better!

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