Paisley's First Trim

Well, I have to say like mother like daughter. Paisley's bangs were getting so ragged that I finally took the scissors to them. You can't even tell except that her bangs are not as ragged to me anymore.

My bangs grow so fast, that I trim them myself every two weeks. I am a no fuss kind of gal and even though I enjoy going to get my hair done, I don't do it, but every 3-4 months.

I am also not a short hair gal, so I have decided that I am going to see how long I can grow my hair out again. I really like pony tails and I can't wait to braid Paisley's hair.

Growing up my two sisters and I all had long brown hair down to our butts. Maybe I can do it again. We'll see!

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  1. i used to have have hair that long to till its to my sholders now