Camping Weekend

As many of you know...I HATE camping.  I don't like to sleep in the cold, have everything dirty, bug bites suck, etc.
Our work put together a family campout. 
I wanted to be a good wife, so I agreed that we needed to go.
It was not bad due to the company, but I really don't like camping.
In addition, there were only two families in tents, the rest were in RV's, which is not REAL camping.
We were one of the two.
Here is our site.

Paisley helping daddy.

We broke out the old playpen and boy was it dirty.
Perfect for camping I guess.
Pippa played in there.

Last week Pippa started having trouble with her right eye not opening up as large as the other.
I have made an appointment to see what is up.
The pictures definitely shows the difference.

I loved this picture, so I posted it.

Paisley, Pippa and I spent time in the Tahoe, in the warmth.
I turned on the heat and we drank our hot chocolate.

Our two favorite people showed up.  Doug and Mary.
Here is Paisley hanging out with Doug eating her smores.

I had to include this...they let their dog sit in a chair. 

Games were is Paisley playing Bocce ball with Tim and the girls.

If this doesn't tell you what great people were there, then I don't know what will.
We had great campfires.  We even had a guitar player and that really made the night.
Paisley called him the "singing boy".
She danced and jived with him.

I am glad we went camping, but I am really glad it is over.
I still have at least 4 more loads of stuff to wash and clean.

We went to Rasar Park and I have to say, that is a nice place to be.
The bathrooms were clean and they had showers!

That's all folks!

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