Our Crazy Weekend

This was a crazy weekend for us.
Lots of things to do and great weather.
We had a block party at Dr. Dawn's house.
Tons of food and neighbors.
It was really nice, especially because the Ray's came too.
It was so nice just sitting in the sun talking to Holly and Scott.
We don't ever get to just do that.

Saturday I particpated in the Challenge Series.
It is where disabled children race down Barrington in cars.
The weather was great-even have a little sunburn on my cheeks!
It is such a great feeling to SERVE!

Paisley went to a Princess and Pirates birthday party.
I can't believe her Halloween costume still fits.
They were asked to come dressed as a princess or a pirate.
Fun times!
I am glad I took this picture...I am missing my Paisley this AM.
She is having a blast I am sure at Grandma and Papa Nick's home for the week.
We will join her Saturday and I can't wait to kiss those cheeks!

More Challenge Series...they actually hit the hay bales this year.

This is what the course looks like after we set it up for the event!
Not bad if I do say so myself.

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