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So, we are just waiting until Pippa makes her the mean goes on.

I was so fed up with regular mops that I went out and bought a steam mop.
Love it!
No chemicals and faster drying time.  It works great.
Well worth the money.

A dear friend made this blanket for Pippa and also another one that Paisley is using.

Another friend made Paisley and Pippa these too cute hats.
Notice...Paisley's hat is her favorite color.

I found these and loved I picked them up for the baby.

Melissa went to a soap making place in Bellingham and made me these.
They smell great and she did such a great job.

Found these baby leg warmers...they are in the hospital bag.

After my Dr.'s appointment I went to the baby consignment store in Anacortes.
I totally scored!!!

These are all brand new almost Gymboree and GAP outfits.  I picked them all up for under $16.00.
Yes, I was pleased with myself for sure.
Not that we need more clothes, but come on...what a deal!

If anyone wants a discount to Janie and Jack..I have a couple.
I am banning them after the last Easter dress episode.
They are not worth the money you pay for their clothing if you ask me.

George went to Seattle to REI with a buddy and they were having a sale on their clothing.
George picked this Columbia jacket up for Paisley and a fleece as well.
I have trained this man well.  He saw a deal and he swooped in on it.
Paisley loves it and it is super warm!

My love!

Being crazy.

Gotta love her!

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