Opening Day Fishing Weekend

We had a great weekend. We spent the weekend at George's moms house. It is our tradition to open up the fishing season at her house. She lives on Lake Benson. George was so was like he was going to Disneyland. We had a fun and relaxing weekend.

Before we got there Papa Nick baby proofed the house. Paisley has a fascination with stairs, but she doesn't know how to come down them very well. Here she is tring to break through the barrier.

Here is uncle Kona doing a little fishing.

We decided to take Paisley out on the boat. She was not happy about that for some reason. Maybe next time.

Here is Paisley going up and down the outside stairs. She loves them!

Here is picture of George's moms beautiful house. Papa Nick is sitting by the fire pit warming up.

Here is George with one of the fish he caught this weekend.

Here he is with Paisley, she didn't care about the fish....she just wanted to get back to the steps.

Here is Paisley supervising on the dock.
Thanks for the great weekend !!!

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