Twilight Saga

Ok, so I know I am way behind the eight ball on this one. I have owned the Twilight saga for months now, not even knowing how much I was going to enjoy them. It took me literally months to even open the first book, not sure why.

About 2 weeks ago I watched the movie first. It intrigued me so much that I picked up the book and read it in about a week due to it being so busy. Then I took the 2nd book with me this weekend and read it in one day...I could not put it down. I must say that I loved the movie as equally as I loved the book. The book of course explained more, but I love to have a face to the characters before I read a book.

Needless to say I absolutely love the two books that I have read thus far. I began the 3rd book last night after we got home from our great weekend away.

I don't know what it is, but I am so addicted to the whole story. Not just because it is so romantic, but for some reason that I can't pin point at the moment.

My brother in law Kona was making fun this weekend about how I could not put it down and I told him that it wasn't the love between Bella and Edward, but that all girls want to be protected and watched over. I believe because it is more than lust, it is a deep down love that is not just focused on the physical.

This may be too deep for a blog, but there you go. Anyways-to all of you ladies out there that have read all of the books I will be joining you soon. I can not wait to read the rest and I am already disappointed that I only have two left.

The same thing happened to me when I read the Harry Potter books. It is so bitter sweet.


  1. welcome to the world of Twilight! i have spent many nights curled up in my bed with Edward! ;)

  2. Welcome to the club Sandra!!!!

  3. The only thing that really annoyed me about the series is the neediness of Bella. She always had something to complain and fret over. Well that is all fine and dandy but for 4 chapters? C'mon. Her passion to becoming a vampire to be good enough for Edward was a little much. I liked Edwards patience and his desire to put it in perspective to her that this isn't just a temporary thing was what I liked. This series actually made me look back when I was her age and unfortunately I did the same thing without the same consequences. I threw everything out into the wind for a boy I did not end up with.... and the saga goes on.....