Long Week...

For such a short month...February really dragged by.

Here are a few highlights from last week.

We went old school and bought a vcr/dvd player for the bedroom. That way we can play all of the Disney movies I have on VHS. It was so funny watching it rewind and fast forward...it was so slow.

Collected over the years...my collection can't even begin to touch my mom's collection.

I watched one of my favorites...Man from Snowy River...this was a great romance movie back in the day.

Paisley getting reading to fall asleep for her nap.

This is the best bread I have had ever...you can get it at Costco. Really great flavor and good for you too.

Jeneva helped George build his planters boxes. He is getting ready to grow some herbs and vegetables.

Saturday night we were invited over to Kona and Melissa's for a great turkey dinner. Loved it!

For dessert they did fondu for us. Paisley loved it too!

I have to say pineapple and chocolate is yummy!

Warning-this is graphic....

Asleep again...she had a hard time waking up Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon George broke out the dune buggy and took it for a drive.

He tried to take Paisley, but she was not a trooper...she was a little scared. So, she just sat in it.

My hot rodder!!!

The sky was so beautiful today going to work. This picture does not do it justice.

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