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What a fun week we had. It began Thursday night when Linda and I went shopping and out to dinner to get ready for the babyshower on Friday for Sarah!!!!

We hit all the cool spots...and then out to dinner at Outback!!!

Friday was the babyshower. We had a blast. Many thanks to those that took the time to come over and have some fun. I know Sarah truly appreciated it. We did desserts and broke out the chocolate fountain. We had vanilla wafers, huge strawberries, pretzels and my favorite the cream puffs from Costco. They were so good!!!

We were able to get Sarah a crib, mattress and bedding with all of the generous donations. Thank you ladies. You are wonderful.

We had to take a picture of this. Bonnie had a huge strawberry covered in milk chocolate. Wow!

Saturday we were going to go to the mussle festival, but stayed home instead and enjoyed the sunny day. What is a sunny day without a BBQ. We had some delicious brats and asparagus. Yum!

Here is my hunka hunka burning love.

We even ate outside.

Paisley loved the asparagus too.

Even Abbey and Angus sun bathed.

Paisley wore her new dress from her Grandpa Place to church. She looked too cute.

She is a big girl now. She drinks out of big girl cups and even went #2 in the potty. We are almost there.

After church this is where I found George.

He told me this followed him home. Yeah right. There goes my father's day gift for him. Now I have to think of something else.

Monday and back to work. Paisley looks like she is going to school with her lunch box. Week #2 at Aunt Christine's and Uncle Thomas's house. She was so excited to see them.

This is their new house from the window of my Tahoe.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. I still just Love your Paisley! And I wish I had some of George's BBQ right now!