She said MaMa!!!!!

Ok, so I had a fabulous night last night. Paisley finally said MaMa!!! She has DaDa down great, but never MaMa...I am afterall the one who nursed her and gave birth to that too much to ask????

I have to tell you the favorite part of my day is coming home after work and the gym to Paisley running at me with her arms wide open to give me a hugs. It just makes my day complete.

It is so much fun seeing Paisley hit each milestone in her life. We are absorbing every minute of it.


  1. Yeah Sandra! I think it is unfair too that they always say dad first. I mean, come on, we go through all that work. We should at least get to be first.

  2. I can't wait for the day. I say Mama to my Paisley all day long hoping she will say it before Dada! And everyone loves to tell me how much she looks like her dad, and I think great, thats what I get for carrying her for 9 months and so on! We should get more credit!!! So yay for Mama!!