Lazy Boy Warranty Woes

Did you know that Lazy Boy furniture has a lifetime warranty on its parts?

The only thing I didn't know is that it would take 8 months to complete. I had just about had it last weekend with the bottom of the chair falling out and having to pick up foam every day. George and I had decided we would just get a new recliner.

Then the phone rang and the repair man said he had the parts and that he would be there Thursday to fix it. HURRAY!!!!

He did show up and he did fix the chair. It feels sooooo much better on our backs. Not only did we save money by not having to buy a new recliner (ours is still in really good shape after 6+ years), but we also got the repair labor for free because it took so long. ANOTHER HURRAY!!!

I had sworn off Lazy Boy furniture, but now I may reconsider.

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