Abigail and Angus

Abigail and Angus are our English Mastiffs for those that don't know that. George and I were thinking about how old they are getting. Angus is already 10 and Abigail will be 7 this year. The life span for a purebred English Mastiff is between 10 and 12 years. Poor old Angus is really showing his age these days. He is blind, his bones ache and he is grumpy!!!

Last night we had a little scare. The dogs have always been good with Paisley, but I think they had enough of Paisley picking on them. Abbey decided she was going to take a swipe at Paisley and she got her in the head. Just a little mark, but enough to make us keep them all away from each other from here on out. If you have ever been around giant dogs you know their bark is loud and fierce. I almost had a heart attack!!!


  1. Oh I am so sorry. I know how hard it is to watch your pets age. They become such a huge part of your family.

  2. wow, those are big dogs... i know how it is we have a 100+ lb dog too. he took a nip at a baby once... didn't make contact but boy was it scary!!

  3. oh man. Poor angus - poor paisley! I can imagine the jump when hearing that bark though yeesh!