Christmas Number Two

We were unable to go to George's moms house for Christmas Day, so we went to her house this weekend for a fabulous time. It was very relaxing and Paisley had a ball with Grandma and Papa Nick.

Uncle Kona decided to feed Paisley and she just kept coming back for more. He is so sweet to indulge her. Girls he is single!!!

Here is Papa Nick and Paisley snuggling.

Here is Grandma with Paisley rocking on one of Nick's sons old rocking horses. She thought that was too cool.

Ignore George's sassy face. He really was having a good time. Paisley received this book from Nick's family in Alaska. It is about a Fox...we plan on reading it to her tonight.

Once again Paisley knew exactly what too do with the presents. Boy did she get spoiled. She has such a great family on both sides. She is one lucky lady.

Here is Paisley with a too cute outfit. The color is going to make her eyes even bluer...if that is even possible.

This toy is bi-lingual and Paisley loved it. I have to say...George and I forgot the toy bag and it was sure a blessing that we had presents to open. They kept her occupied throughout the weekend.

Paisley really loves this chair. It is perfect for her little body. She just climbed in and lounged around all day.

Many thanks goes out to the family for all the great Christmas gifts. It was nice to extend the holiday a little longer.

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