My Weekend...

Ok, prepare yourselves...this is not a pleasant post.

I went on a little excursion this Friday and Saturday with the youth of our church. I must say that I did VOLUNTEER for this adventure since my new calling is in Young Women's. What was I thinking!!!

First of all, we drove 3.5 hours to Cle Elum to a church property called Ensign Ranch. It was a pleasant drive. I had 6...17-18 year old girls and boys in my Tahoe. They were great.

By the time we got there it was about 8ish at night. So everything was dark and dreary. To top it off there was mud everywhere. My poor Tahoe will never be the same inside and out. The snow had melted so there was just mud. Did I say mud!!!! Yes, poor George washed and vacuumed and washed and vacuumed it out for hours. Needless to say it is back to brand new now.

Anyways...we had a nice meeting with dessert and headed off to bed. The girls in one cabin and the boys in another. We had about 15 girls I would say. They did not go to bed until 12:30 a.m. That is too be expected. Giggles and all they had fun.

This is where the horror starts. These mattresses...if you can call them mattresses are out of a horror movie. Someone could literally kill you in your sleep and then hose the blood off of them and no one would ever know.

Tammy, Angie and Bonnie were with me. Bonnie slept in her car. The rest of slept on the blue mattresses of death.

Here are the sweet girls. They did not complain at all.

The older girls were on one side and the younger on the other.

I was smart enough to bring a blow up bed. At least I did not have to sleep right on them. At this point I must mention if you already don't know that I absolutely hate hate hate...yes I know it is a strong word...hate camping. I was not told of the conditions we would be in. I thought we were staying in the lodge with running water and bathrooms. Not so lucky.

Also, I must tell you that we did have a fire place to keep us warm...thank heavens because it was 30 degrees at least. I was instructed to put another log on the fireplace at 2 or 3 in the morning...SAY WHAT?!?!... We did not even go to bed until 12:30 a.m. and I am suppose to get up at 2 or 3 to put a log on the this is too much....I did what any respectable leader would do and I suffered by getting up to do this....but to my surprise at 2 in the morning...the fire had burned all the way out and I had to build another one. With my flashlight in my mouth I tried to think back to my girls camp days and rememberd a type of fire to make. I had no paper to use so I started tearing up my cardboard box my air mattress came in. After about 20 minutes of trying to start the fire....I gave up and went back to bed to suffer with the girls in the cold. They do say misery loves company.
Come morning time about 7 a.m. the men came over to check on us and they started the fire with an old greasy cheeseburger wrapper. I don't remember that being in the girls camp manual.

Anyways, on with the day. We ate, we did a service project, they played.

They ate some more.

And more....

Yes, no one told me about the porto potties...needless to say I did not use them. I drove my butt up to the main lodge and used the ones up there everytime. I really believe porto potties should be banned. These ones were not even empty. Come on people.

The little bit of snow we had. The rest was mud.

This is the family cabin that we the girls stayed in.

And last, but not least to end my fabulous Friday and Saturday...on the way down Snoqualmie I was dinged with a huge rock on my brand new windshield of the Tahoe. It is now 3 feet across the entire front window. This little trip cost me a little fortune.

I would like to mention that even though my husband is awesome...he laughed at me the entire time. He knows my views on camping and he had no sympathy for me. Poor me!!!!
I am back to civilization and clean and warm. Hope you all had a nice weekend.


  1. Sandra,

    I feel your pain, however we did have snow and a very warm toasty fire to keep us warm in December, in fact to warm that I had to open the window. Port a potties not so fun, sounds like Crystal kept a secret from you!!! LOL