Christmas Update

The Place Family had a wonderful Christmas. We were not able to travel to George's moms house, but we will do that in a week or so to get together with them. We did however go to Grandma Ewing's home on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

All the family was there, except for my younger sister Diana and her family, which are in Spain. Don't feel bad for them (just kidding), I wish I were in Spain traveling around seeing such fabulous sites.

Anywho-we enjoyed each others company on Christmas Eve by watching a movie and making cookies and candies. We waited and waited to open presents because Michael had to work until 9pm, which turned out to be alomost 10:30 p.m. Paisley did not make it until then, so we all decided to go home and open presents the following day.

Paisley below loves to sit on the presents....she loves to plant her butt on anything actually.

George and Michael had the honor of handing out presents this year. Paisley is waiting patiently for her next gift.

Uncle Kona gave Paisley this cute Christmas sweater for her birthday a couple of weeks ago. He has great taste and luckily one of his jobs is working at the GAP!!!! Hurray for Kona and his GAP discount!!!!

George and I have a limit on what we spend for each other. However, this year I could not help myself. I knew he really really really, did I say really wanted the Playstation 3. So, he got the Playstation 3. He was so happy!!!!!

Paisley had no problems opening up gifts and she did like the gifts and not just the boxes. In fact, I don't believe she touched the boxes at all. She received a bunch of great gifts from family and friends.

Here is Kyanne and Jeneva baking cookies Christmas Eve. Notice the flour on the cheeks. They planted the flour so it made it look like they were working hard. Ha Ha Ha.

Jeneva loves sparking cider. We brought two bottles just for her. She is also great at chugging it. Yes, we know it is very lady like. Too funny!

The girls decided Paisley needed flour on her cheeks too. She was the keeper of the decoration sprinkles while we were baking away. Check her out. Too cute!!!

These two girls are so beautiful, kind and giving. They are a delite to our family.

That is about all for now. We hope you all had a great Christmas too.

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time. Isn't it great to have family close!