Pumpkin Patch

First of all....I have to say how lucky we are to have such great friends that love us. Our dear friends Steve and Lisa Bebee asked if Paisley and my nieces would like to come over to Lisa's parents house and get pumpkins. Lisa's dad has a green thumb, just like Lisa and had a great pumpkin patch.

So on Saturday I put on Paisley's pumpkin picking outfit and we went over there and picked out pumpkins!!! We had fun. They were huge pumpkins and it was so kind of them to invite us over. In addition we picked plums!!! Paisley loved them.

Nice pose Paisley :)

Check out how big the pumpkins were. Almost as big as Paisley.

Here is Steve and George helping the girls find just the right pumpkin.

Paisley took a wheel barrow ride.

It was a great day to pick pumpkins.
Thanks Steve and Lisa for a great day and for the pumpkins. You guys are the best!!!!

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  1. Wow! I hope that I can someday grow pumpkins that huge.