Bite of Seattle 2010

This is the second year George and I have attended the Bite of Seattle. It was just as good. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt Seattle...a fabulous hotel. Everytime we go to Seattle we stay at a different hotel to see which one we like best. This one has moved to the number 1 position. Loved it! Paisley stayed home with my sister and her family. Thanks Christine and Kyanne!

I even took a was so relaxing.

Once we checked in we took the monorail to the Seattle Center to enjoy a day of eating. My favorite is the fried macaroni and cheese. It was fabulous!!!!

We had corn on the cob, mango lemonade, pulled pork, fried mac and cheese, chocolate covered frozen cheesecake...and much much more. It was so much fun. Back to the gym today for sure!

George loved the kalbi beef korean tacos.

After eating our way through the bite we took the monorail back to downtown Seattle and went and saw another movie in 3D. Again we were the only ones in the theatre for a private showing. Weird.

After the movie and late at night we went to a steak house for dinner. Then to the Cheesecake Factory to pick up a couple of cheesecakes to take back to the hotel for dessert. Again I stress....back to the gym today.

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Nordstroms for their anniversary sale. It was so much fun. Right out of the movies where there were tons of ladies buzzing around for shoes. George bought me these two pairs. He is THE BEST HUSBAND and not just because he buys me things. I love you George.

Then we headed home. We had a wedding Saturday afternoon to attend. Eph and Jenni were married in Freeland. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. I took a picture of these things because they did not miss anything. The details were wonderful. I have never seen the Jones Soda thing. You can personalize the labels on Jones's Soda. They did their thank you's that way. Loved it.

Her colors were green and brown. Very lovely!

Jenni is my cousin's sister in law and Eph and I work together and also went to high school together. Here is my new cousin David. He is very cute in his cumberbun.

Sunday night Tallie and Tony came over to test out a new recipe on us. Thanks Tallie-you are a great cook. These are chocolate, cream cheese frosted, carmel drizzled cupcakes. Feel free to test on us anytime. We had a great visit with you!

Great weekend all around.

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