Public Works Camp Trip

This year at work they decided to plan a Public Works camp out. It was last weekend at Friday Creek. Great spot really. Close to the Skagit Casino headed North.

Paisley and I went up for the day...George stayed over to camp.

There was a creek that the girls played in. The rest of us put our camp chairs in the water and cooled off with our feet in the creek.

A friend that shows dogs let the girls walk her award winning babies. They had a ball.

The camp site where everyone just chilled and talked.

I would go camping more if I had one of these. They are like motel rooms.

But no....we have only a tent.

The girls took the camera from me and took pictures.

They did pretty good actually. My cousin's family were there too. Her husband works with us at the City.

Here is our good friend Hermina. Once again...the girls took this.

And this one of my cousin Jenn.

All in all a good day at the camp site. Not good enough to change my mind about camping though.

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