Grandma's Birthday!!!

This weekend we had a fabulous four day weekend. We went to the cabin on Friday Harbor to celebrate George's moms birthday!!!

We even got Paisley to go out on the boat this time. Paisley, George and I took a couple of rides together checking the crab pots.

An amazing house on the water. More like a mansion...not a house.

And to have my yacht parked out front.


More crab....

I have many pictures of the cabin...but none from the water view.

Grandma and Paisley.

Relaxing on the deck.

Bought these chairs in town...great deal $13.00 each...very comfortable and relaxing.


Paisley took grandma on a pine cone hunt at night.

Paisley out for a boat ride with dad.

Wearing daddy's hat.
My man...

Out for another boat ride.

Another great sunset on the boat.

Roche Harbor from the water. A lot of money just floating there.

And yet another sunset.

Here is the boys making Melissa take the crab out of the bucket and put it in the water to cook.

Saturday was a blast...we went to the farmers market for blueberry lemonade...homemade pizza, cookies and more...

Here is grandma with her birthday flowers.

Papa Nick and Paisley.

For grandma's birthday dinner we did Shabu Shabu.

George is working on the broth...

Our family dinner.

Claudette spoiling us on her birthday.

Papa Nick took this of Paisley. She decided to roll around in the dirt. Glad I did not have to clean her up. Melissa and I went into town to watch EAT LOVE PRAY at the local movie theatre. Thanks Melissa for a great girls night out.

Someone is beat...

I just love this girl.
Thanks family for a great weekend. Great weather...great fun...great company!!!! Until next time.

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