Oh What Do You Do When It Rains Outside....

In August....come on....

Well, I bake M&M cookies.

I read my new Pride and Prejudice sequel while Paisley and George took a nap.

I made two signs for a friends birthday and a friends 50th anniversary.

Took pictures of Paisley being goofy. Those are infant sunglasses that are way to small for her head. I told her she was going to squish her brains.

We ride in those car carts...I really don't like them because they are hard to push around, but it keeps her occupied.

I could not get her out of her umbrella and boots.

On Saturday we had so much to do. To top it off George and Paisley woke up sick. Each year George and I volunteer for a special program called the Challenge Series. It is basically soap box derby down Barrington for disabled children. That is where I was Saturday morning. The City crew sets up the course, catches the cars, transports the cars back up to the top and cleans up. We had tons of fun and I am sure the kids did too. It is a great way to volunteer in our community.

All in all...a good weekend.

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