Fabulous Weekend!

Our weekend was fabulous, but it didn't start out that way. 
Here is our new t.v.
You ask why do you have a new t.v.....well the old one died.  The repair man came and told us it would be a $600 repair.
So, George decided that a new t.v. was only $1200 and had a lot more features like running the internet through the t.v., netflix, etc.  He made a quick trip up to Bellingham to pick it up and there you go.

Kona and George decided to fix the old 50" t.v. by themselves.  Here they are taking out the bad board.

Later this day we took Tallie and Tony out to dinner for fixing Kyanne's laptop for FREE.  Thank you Tony!
We had a great dinner in Anacortes at the Rock Fish Grill.

Sunday rolled around and this was the best day ever!
When I was 21 I went to South Africa for a month to visit some friends that I had met 6 months before.
They were in the States on a intern program with a company called Logos.

Anyways, I found them on facebook not too long ago.

Jannie was living in Bellingham with his family and Derrick was still in South Africa.

Derrick had some work to do in the States and decided to visit Jannie and ME!!!!

Jannie came over with his lovely wife and two kids.  Derrick is single ladies and he would love to live in the states!

Anyways, we did a BBQ and had tons of laughs and stories.

Here is George grillin up some grub.  We had ribs, steak and chicken. 

Paisley making a face before they came.

This is her sad face.

Her angel face.

Can you believe I did not take any current pictures.  Derrick is suppose to send me some of his.

This is an old picture of when I was in South Africa 14 years ago. 
This is Jannie and myself.
So young.

Jannie and me again.

This is Derrick.

I can't remember when I have had such a great visit.  It brought back so many memories.
I am so grateful to have great friends!

Derrick has invited us to South Africa...I will have to take him up on that offer again!

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