Well....I have been slacking on my blogging...

Well, I have been slacking on my blogging lately.  Time has been flying by.  Let's recap.

At work I won a wellness prize.  It is a girls fishing pole.  Paisley will be set for fishing on Opening Day and at the cabin now.  It is pink and all.

Back in February Eric asked George to cook all the chili for the Hot Dogs and Rods.  He made a fabulous chili and also entered this car into the derby.  He had a great time.

We finally found the t.v. for the game room that is in progress.

I found this gorgeous dress.  It is so cute!  Can't wait for Paisley to wear it.

I had my final exam and passed the class with a score of 990 out of 1000 points.  My next class starts next Monday.

Discovered that we like moon sand better than playdough.  George picked up this kit for Paisley.

We played outside in the cold.

My gorgeous little lady.

Had cousins over for dinner.  Here is David.  He is almost 1.

George had him in tears with giggles.

Cousin Lynnsey and Paisley playing.

And of course...swimming lessons.  Paisley is on round 2 of swimming lessons. 
She is getting better and enjoys it dearly.  She is such a little lady :).

She can climb out herself. 

She loves her teacher Holly.

Love it!

I am sure there is more like date nights, movies, etc, but I can't remember it all.

We are doing great and we hope you all are too.

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