Random Pictures

Well, since I have been really sick and not wanting to go anywhere...we have done a whole lot of nothing since we came back from the cabin.  So, here are some random pictures of what Paisley has been up too.

George asked her if she wanted tools or a doll...she choose tools.  George found these cool play tools and she has been busy ever since. 

A dear old friend sent us these two books in the mail when she found out I was expecting.  She wanted Paisley to be ready and she wanted me to have words of inspiration.  We love the books!  Thanks Janet!

Paisley spent at least a half an hour going through this Halloween costume catalog picking out what she wanted to be.  She ultimately choose to be Cinderella.  I wanted her to be the gothic rag doll, but she isn't budging.

After church Sunday, I asked her to put on some comfy clothes. This is the first outfit she goes for everytime.  It is green, her favorite color. 

Poor Paisley doesn't realize she is getting bigger.  Her costumes don't fit, but she put them on anyways.  Our little Tinker Bell.

Don't let this one fool you...she is a terror...but we love her so much!

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