Promised Pictures

Ok, so I don't have a lot of pictures, but here are some.

As I said before, George took me to Seattle to a wonderful hotel and out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants-Cheescake Factory.  They had this new cheescake-Red Velvet-it was good.  We actually ended up taking 3 pieces of different cheesecake back to our hotel to nibble on for later that night.
We went shopping and attempted to go to a movie, but there was just nothing interesting.

While in Seattle, we took a little detour to Renton to IKEA.  We needed two things to prep for the arrival of the new baby.  One was another dresser and the other another crib mattress.
So, we had a blast at IKEA and spent way too much. 
We ended up picking up two dressers-one for Paisley and one for the new baby.  We were replacing that aging white one you can see in the background.  Here is George and Paisley putting them together.

And the final product!!!!  They are great.  6 drawers each and we are all set now.
Unless it is a boy of course...then we will need a few more things.

We picked up these cute coat hangers.  They are puppy tails.  Paisley loved them.

George spoiled me by buying me these things and more from William and Sonoma.
I have been wanting this roller because the ends give you the perfect thickness for what you need to roll out.  3 different thicknesses just by changing out the end circles.  I also wanted this cupcake corer so I can make filled cupcakes. 

We decorated for Halloween.

Paisley is such a great helper.

She is showing me her spider ring.

I ordered her Cinderella costume complete with glass slippers that light up.

We are all ready to go now.

In addition, to this I finished two more classes for school and have a 2 week break until the next one starts. 

This weekend George went to the cabin with Paisley and met up with his mom and brother.  I had some Young Women obligations, so I stayed behind.  They went to the Octoberfest Celebration where Paisley had a ball.  Kona has a chicken dance video that I will post of Paisley when he sends it to me. Standy by for that one.
Until next time...

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