Pippa Kealalehua Place

Meet Pippa Kealalehua Place
Her middle name is a family name and means the aroma of the lehua flower.
Similar to Paisley's which is Kaulehuapuakela...which means the untouchable flower of the lehua tree.

We have had a fun last 6 days.
It began Sunday morning about 3:15 a.m. when my water broke.  I was sleeping and George had just gone to bed about 12:30 a.m. after staying up all night to play video games.  I on the other hand went to bed about 8pm the night before.  Paisley was already spending the night at my mom's house by chance.  I even joked to George that this would be a perfect night to go into labor.

We drove to the hospital and I began contracting within the hour.  Nothing major at first, but then they began to pick up as they do.  I had my FABULOUS epidural about 9ish and was in heaven from that point forward.
All the family was called and given a heads up and then we relaxed until a complication came up...my blood pressure dropped really low and I had to be put on oxygen...the baby was stressing and needed some air.  Once the oxygen was on and I was placed on my side her stats went back to normal. 

About 3ish I was ready to push.  This one was a little more intense than Paisley.  She was bigger and that alone was a complication for me.  I was not made to birth large babies...lets put it that way.

I pushed about 5 sets of 3 and she was out, but before she could slide out Dr. Garde was put to the test...the cord was wrapped around the babies neck twice and her right shoulder was caught behind my pelvic bone.  This is why you have babies at a hospital...you just don't know what can go wrong.  It took 2 nurses, Dr. Garde and George to help Pippa arrive safe and sound about 3:21 p.m.

She was immediately placed on my belly and George cut the cord.

She was beautiful!!!!
It was nice to remember more this time around and it was truly a peaceful birth despite the drama at the end. 

After I was cleaned up and the baby was cleaned up the family came in to meet our new family member.

George's mom, Kona, Melissa, my sister Christine, Kyanne, my mom, Jeneva and of course Paisley.

Paisley was soooooo excited and wanted to hold her automatically.

She is such a great big sister already!

We were doing so good the next day we went home.  No pain medicines or anything.
It was nice to go home and relax with the family and establish our routine.

We are so thankful for family. 
Especially our mom's.  They took care of Paisley until we came home.

The next day we were back to our routine with the addition of a new baby routine. 
Before George took Paisley to school, she made sure I was ready to go when Pippa needed her diaper changed.
She set out everything.  Love her!

Paisley is a creature of habit and we hope Pippa will develop that as well.
It makes it so much easier when they are on a schedule and stick to it.

I am now on maternity leave up to 12 weeks...not sure I'll be out the entire time, but at least 8 weeks.
The crew from work sent us flowers.  So pretty!

Mom brought this bouquet to us in the hospital.

Many thanks for all the gifts and again Linda for dinner the first night home.
You are an awesome friend...we loved it and it sure helped out!

We wanted to make sure Paisley adjusted well to Pippa...so we gave her a gift from her little sister.
Paisley is having some attention issues, but we are working on those.
She loves her sister...but her world has totally changed.

She made us all neclaces...including Pippa.

I love this picture of her stretching.

She has dark long hair and blue eyes so far. She was 7lbs 10oz...19.6" long.
She is very mello and nurses really well.
So much easier this time around...we struggled with Paisley.
She has nice tanned Hawaiian skin...much darker than Paisley was.

Spitting image of Paisley...I can't believe how much they look alike.

This is what we have been up too.
George is going back to work Monday...it has been nice having him home.

I had to throw this in...this is Paisley day 2.

This is Paisley about 1 week old.

Well, that is about all...we are doing really well and we love all the family and friends that I have come over.
Pippa is doing great...already had a Dr. check up and he says she looks great.  She barely lost any weight and the nurses just love her like they did with Paisley.

We are so blessed and we love her so much! 

Today was our offical due date...I am glad she came early...more opportunities to kiss her sweet cheeks!

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