Random Pictures

We have been busy with baby duty and Paisley duty.
Here are a couple of pictures.
Yes, she is really that dark.
Her Hawaiian side is definitely making a debut.

Pippa had her first bath at home.  She doesn't really like it.

We all tried to rest...we are worn out and tired.

I started walking again after George gets off work.
It feels good.  I am working my way back to the gym.

Pippa is growing and she eats all the time. 
I can barely keep up with her. 
Paisley is my big helper.  Here she is practicing her letters in her preschool books.
She is so smart and a quick learner.
Love this girl.

She is pretty mello most of the time, but she is stubborn too.
Wonder where she gets that from.
She is very expresive with her face as well.

George is back to work...Paisley is in school...and I am tired.
I just started my next college class today and I don't know how I will keep up with it all.  Wish me luck!

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