Our Week

My first week of my two new classes...yes, I know I love to torture myself.
Accounting and Macroeconomics at the same time with a full time job, a 3 month old, a toddler, a calling at church, swim lessons and a husband.  What was I thinking!  The first week kicked my butt.

We had a scare this week.  Abbey started limping like Angus did.
We took her to the vet and they thought she might have torn something...they gave us some medicine and she is doing much better.  We have a check up Wed to see if she is in the clear.  We were preparing ourselves to have to put her down on Wed.

I have a new calling...Laurel Advisor...love it! 
I love to teach and I love YW's.  Plus I only teach twice a month.
Easy breezy!

I worked on organizing things.
We have 4 lunch boxes on the counter and I wanted to get them off the counter.
We bought those 3M hooks and there you go.

My angels ready for bed.

I bought this bed last week.
I am literally a zombie with the lack of sleep I am getting.
I am grouchy and moody...I need some sleep.
I have tried the swing, the crib, my arm works, but that too is not a good night sleep.
This seems to be working better.  She is down at least 4 hours at a time in between feedings.
It is simple, just like a hammock and rocks like a rocking chair.
I bought the girls matching dresses.
Love it...I can't wait to buy more matching outfits for them.

I went through baby clothes, Pippa is in 3 month clothes now, so I packed up the newborns and 0-3 and they went to two gals that are having girls in a month or so...so glad to help them out.
I even found another box this weekend of clothes that I didn't know I had...lets just say I got a little carried away with buying baby clothes.

Paisley took a picture of herself...check out those rosy cheeks.

Baby toys again.  We picked this up this weekend...Pippa seems to enjoy it.
Paisley cleaning her room...I am so tired of the mess!

Friday after work we had a family BBQ put on by Paisley's school.
It was fun.  I had a great time talking with friends and her teachers.
Again...I love this school and the teachers are awesome!
Here are some school mates of Paisley's having fun.
This was another thank you to the parents put on by the school.

Paisley had a ball...I love to see her smiling.
She has such a passion for life. 

Many more things happened I am sure, but these are the pictures that I have to share.
Have a great week!

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