George's Trip to Hawaii

George took some great pictures while in Hawaii last week. Check them out.

Here is Kona picking a banana with a chicken looking on in George's dads back yard.

Remember back in November of 2008...we showed a picture of Paisley's coconut tree that we planted for her 1st birthday. Here it is almost one year later.

Kona's catch of the day.

A few of the many fish they caught.

George and his brothers and his dad below having dinner.

These are the littlest additions to the Place Family. They are twins. I love this picture of George.

Their camp site on the lava rocks. They had a blast camping and fishing all week.

Beautiful sunset. Kona is the one of course.

Here is a lobster that they caught. Bigger than George's size 14 foot. Wow!

Here are the cousins and George and Kona having a night out on the town.

More pictures with the cousins.

Here is Kona and George making lau lau with their dad.

On George's last night they had a family dinner to end his fabulous trip.

That is it, until next time. Aloha!

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