Things Things and More Things

Well, last week was busy busy busy for the Place Family.

It started out on Tuesday where George did a BBQ class for the ladies from church. He did a great job!!!

Then we began some more home improvement projects. George changed out the aging kitchen sink faucet.

Hold onto your seats...I installed the toothbrush holder in the bathroom. After breaking 3 or 4 of those ceramic ones...we invested in a wall mounted one. I did a pretty good job. I had to drill and everything.

Paisley has outgrown all of her Pediped shoes. She is now in the flex size, but they are not as cute. I just picked up these two pairs. I am still on the hunt for white dress shoes. No one has them. My sister says they come out at Easter time and that black is what we get during the holidays. I have went on line and everything, but I just can't find the right ones. If anyone sees some, let me know!

Paisley rarely gets diaper rashes, but she had a little one coming on last week, so I slapped on some Boudreaux's butt paste and whala...the next morning it was gone. I love this stuff. I have had this container for almost two years now and we have barely used any of it. Great stuff!!!! That is all I can say. Got to love the name too.

Sunday after church we went over to our friends Tim and Sandra's house to have dinner. They just built that brand new house on the new Barrington Drive over looking the bay. It is the only one up can't miss it. It is gorgeous inside and the view is breath taking. I took a couple pictures as we sat out on the deck eating snacks and talking.

I had to take a picture of their kitchen. It is great. They have this long granite top island in their kitchen looking out across the water. Need I say more.

We tried on Paisley's Halloween costume. She is an Ewok this year. George is going to be Darth Vader.

We wore our orange clogs around and around the house without clothes on. Taking off her clothes is her new thing.

We talked on the phone to cousin Kyanne for awhile.

I am exhausted thinking about last week. We did a whole lot more, but I can't remember it all now. Until next time...

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