Goods From Hawaii

George came home from Hawaii yesterday and brought all this great stuff home. He did so great on the dresses for Paisley. I love all the colors.

He brought her tons of Hawaiian childrens books too.

He picked up grass skirts and bras for Paisley and her cousin Lyndsey.

He brought home tons of chocolate!!!!!

Here is Lyndsey and Paisley in their Hawaiian attire.

And a favorite of mine. These sandles that indicate how many are in your family-one for daddy, mommy and baby...I always see the ones of the stick people on vehicles and I think that is so cute. This is my favorite thing he brought back. There are two more sets of sandles in case we have more little ones. Love it!

Thank you for all the goodies. We love having you home!

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  1. The girls in their hula outfits are adorable! So cute!