Home Improvements 2010

George and I try to do some home improvements each year. This year we decided to get a new dishwasher and to put a new cabinet, counter, sink and faucet in the bathroom. George did a fabulous job. Paisley and I helped by staying out of the way.

Here is our new dishwasher. Love it!!!! It is so quiet and does a really good job. Our old one was...well....OLD!!!

It is much bigger and has the utensil holder on the door which gives it even more room.

I had to throw these in...Paisley worked so hard that she crashed on the bed while I was washing all the sheets and pillow cases. Love her!!!

So, we went to Home Depot many times Saturday to get just the right look. I picked out the cabient and top and faucet. George did the install once again. He did a great job!!!!

Love the black marble counter top.

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